Holden Lane Primary School, Stoke on Trent

Appointed by Stoke-on-Trent City Council the project brief entailed the rejuvenation of the ‘Learning Street’, a 45 metre ‘corridor’ that spans the length of the school. Existing conditions were poor; it was a long empty purple space with scattered storage cupboards, under lit by industrial ‘shed style’ lighting.

Pinnegar Hayward Design developed a scheme that looked at how to develop the existing shell, taking into account the different age ranges of children within the school and their individual needs, as well as the use of multi-purpose spaces for all.  The design developed comprises of breakout spaces which are defined by colour to highlight the use of the area for different age groups/classes, there is also a distinctive walking route navigating children through the space, and a storage system tiered by frequency of use.

The design also incorporated; the introduction of seating coves for more private learning experiences, optical lighting – a great focus for children with learning disabilities, drop-down tables that can be folded-up when not in use – creating a large open space for performances/assemblies etc. There is also a ‘nature area’ where a living green wall system has been installed so children could learn about, watch and grow their own plants. New lighting was installed throughout and colour added to the light wells to create interest at high and low level.

As a whole, the design delivered a dynamic space providing opportunity for a variety of uses by all ages/stages of children and staff alike. Storage for the school has been significantly increased and hand-in-hand with the external landscaping works, a stimulating and exciting learning environment has been created for all at Holden Lane Primary School.


Holden Lane Primary/Stoke on Trent City Council


Alterations and External Works, Holden Lane Primary School, Stoke on Trent



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