New UK & Ireland Headquarters, Redhill Park, Stafford

After nearly two years of development, including fact-finding & brief-taking trips to their HQ in Klaus – Austria, September saw the completion of Omicron’s new £2 million UK service- centre & office in Redhill Park, Stafford.
Acting as Architect & Project Managers, PHd sought to translate as many facets of the parent company’s centre into the UK building as well as adhering to the company ethos of innovation & excellence whilst still having fun! – we had to make sure there was space for the Fußball table! OMICRON′s workplace culture emphasizes flat hierarchies as well as open and transparent communication. This is reflected in the architecture on every level.
With a high emphasis on quality work environment & attention to detail the scheme includes a technical support centre, calibration workshop, sales support as well as offices and a gymnasium for staff.
The illuminated, translucent façade not only delivers the company colour scheme but underlines the high-tech nature of the business sector the company operates in.
Handed over on time and under budget – again.


Omicron Electronics UK Ltd


New UK & Ireland Headquarters, Redhill Park, Stafford